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What you need to know about No Guarantor Loans for Bad Credit?

Loans for bad credit no guarantor needed

What are No Guarantor Loans and what are loans for bad credit no guarantor: In life, there are times when you need a little help with money. We’ve all been there and it’s becoming more common for individuals and families to seek loans to help with their everyday lives.

But there are a lot of different loans out there like payday loans, short term loans and personal loans and it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. For example, you may have heard about no guarantor loans before but aren’t sure what it is exactly. Well, let’s find out.


What are No Guarantor Loans?

First of all, it’s important to understand what a guarantor is. Simply, a guarantor is someone that you name when you’re taking out a loan. They are responsible for paying back the money if you are unable to do so. In other words, the guarantor is a backup for the lender so that they know they will always get their money back from a loan.

Therefore, you’ve probably guessed that no guarantor loans are the opposite; you can borrow money from a lender without naming someone who will promise the lender their full repayment.

No guarantor loans tend to be agreements that loan you smaller amounts of money or for a shorter term. There are no limits on how to use the money. This means that if you need to buy a new car or help to pay rent this month, you can choose a no guarantor loan. Usually lenders will not ask any questions.


What are the Benefits of Choosing a No Guarantor Loan?

The main advantage of choosing no guarantor loans or loans for bad credit no guarantor is that the process of loaning money is a lot quicker and simpler. There is no need to find a guarantor or enter all of their details to your lender. It’s a straightforward transaction.

After all, not everyone knows someone who can act as a guarantor for them. Even if you do, it can be difficult to ask your friends or family to help you with cash loan. But you do not have to feel embarrassed with a no guarantor loan. You can apply for a loan without anyone knowing your finances.

In addition, you can still have access to no guarantor loans even if you have poor credit. This has often been a barrier to borrowing money but not anymore. You can use your employment status and borrowing history to show lenders that you are reliable for them to lend money to.


Is there a Limit on No Guarantor Loans?

As we’ve mentioned, no guarantor loans tend to be for smaller amounts of money. This could anything from £100 to £7500. All payday loans direct lenders will be different and it may depend on your employment status and other factors.

Don’t forget that you will have interest to pay, as well as the amount of money that you’ve borrowed. No guarantor loans may have higher APR to pay. This is due to the higher risk of not having a guarantor.

It’s important to always pay back your loan on time. This is why you should only borrow the amount of money that you need and that you know you’ll be comfortable paying back in the time specified.

When can help with a No Guarantor Loan?

If you are looking for a short term loan for bad credit, as we put you the customer first!

Our goal is to help you find the loan you need for 100% Free, No obligation quote, in the best, fast, secured and easy way.

Instead of filling loads of tricky and hard forms, you just fill in Cashpanda’s Simple and Easy form, without being hard credit checked saving you time and a lot of hassle.

We know the market and can help you find you the best deals from the panel of FCA approved direct lenders as well as other products and solutions.

How it works:

Simply choose how much you need to borrow, and for how long. Fill in our easy form (It takes 2min). Click Submit, and our supper technology will find your loan in less than 100 seconds. Once a loan is found you will be redirected to the lender who approved your loan. If not approved for a loan, you will be redirected to a product or another solution.

Please make sure you read all the terms and conditions as well as all the details before you agree to anything. is here to help and protect our customers from scam and spam sites. By filling only one easy form to reach the whole lenders panel, will be increasing your chances to get the loan you need without affecting your credit score. is fully approved and regulated by the FCA and the ICO.

We are 100% Free, No obligation quote as well as all credits are considered. We will not spam you, call you or send you messages afterwards as we value your privacy.

So, if you need a short term loan for bad credit to help your financial situation, we can help you find the best deal at

loans for bad credit no guarantor

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