Credit score is important because it shows the loan lender the consumers ability to pay back the loan. If the credit score is higher then there are more chances of being able to pay back the loan and to pay it back on time it makes the consumer more preferable as the consumer with good credit score is a lower risk than with a bad credit score. When a person is going to purchase a car the last thing on their mind is their credit score but that’s the first thing a loan lender focuses on and it is one of the most important part of taking a auto loan, it determines wether the consumer is eligible for the auto loan or not based on their credit score. Here are some reasons how credit score affect auto loans: 

• Interest Rate 

People with good credit score would usually be qualified for low interest loans and sometimes even they are even qualified for 0% financing. If the credit score is bad the interest rate is higher. If the credit score is good then the down payment would be affected too as someone with low credit score would have to pay a larger amount in down payment as the lender would prefer to have as much as money received in the start itself. 

• Eligibility 

The main focus of lenders are to receive back the payment that has been given by them, credit scores gives an idea to the lenders on how the consumers manages their payments, wether their payments are made on time and how many loans they already have. Keeping all that in mind it is important for the loan lender to make sure that the customer would be eligible for the loan, capable of making the payment and making the payment on time. All these can be determined through the credit score. 

• Loan Approval

When the credit score of the customer is good if it checks out in all the criteria such as all previous payments have been made on time, no debt, payments for other loans are successful processed, etc. Once all these criteria’s are met then the process goes by even faster than usual. The credit score gives the main idea to the loan lender of wether the loan should be approved or disapproved it determines wether the money lent would be returned back to the lender so as the criteria is met by the customer’s credit score the whole process goes by faster small formalities such as personal documents need to be met a thorough run through their system of the customer is done by the lender and if everything checks out the loan would be approved.

Short term loans bad credit uk

Short terms loans are also possible even if you have a bad credit score.

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