With the spread of a global pandemic and the increasing need for self-isolation and better hygiene for all countries, it’s highly likely that you might have been feeling a bit on edge recently. How can you protect your family, immediate and otherwise from the bane of Covid-19?

How can you prevent the spread of this coronavirus through your community, workplace and even your household?

Whilst the economic and health implications of this pandemic are serious, the steps we can take as individuals and households are in comparison relatively simple, yet no less important.

Below are CashPanda’s top 10 tips and tricks to stay healthy during these uncertain times:

Below are CashPanda’s top 10 tips and tricks to stay healthy during these uncertain times:

1.  Wash your hands

Hand washing is being shouted about by every health care provider across the globe and for good reason.

Washing with warm water and soap for no less than 20 seconds can help prevent the spread of the virus whilst also killing germs and bacteria on your skin. This is particularly important before food preparation, eating, drinking, handling infants, administering medications, after sneezing, blowing one’s nose, touching your face, and any time you handle rubbish, go to the toilet or venture outdoors.

2.  Self Isolate

The current advice in the UK is to self-isolate should you or a member of your household develop a high temperature or a new cough. This self-quarantine is advised for entire households, employees should not go to work if they or their family have symptoms, and it is recommended that only one adult member of a household venture out for food shopping and other supplies.

It has also been advised that those at a higher risk of contracting Covid-19 should self isolate for up to four months; these being persons over the age of 70 and with underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, a BMI of over 42, and asthma. For a full list and further advice of self-isolating visit the NHS website.

3.  Social Distancing

Whilst workplaces and social venues are closing, it is still advised to avoid gatherings of more than five people when possible. If you do have to go out for any reason, advice recommends keeping a distance two meters between yourself and other members of the public, so as to avoid contamination.

However, whilst social distancing is highly recommended, as is self-isolation, this does not mean that you can’t go out for exercise such as walking and jogging, provided you are not mingling with other people.

4.  Air Your House

After the winter months, it is important to air your house as we go into spring. Keeping the air fresh within your walls is as easy as opening a window every once in a while, and will not be detrimental to the health of your household.

If fact, it could be quite the opposite. But by airing the house and vacuuming regularly you are decreasing dust and pet dander build up which can cause respiratory issues, which in turn could make you or a member of your family more vulnerable to coronavirus.

However, if you suffer from allergies such as pollen intolerance, it would be best to only air one room at a time (preferably whilst vacuuming and after dusting) and limit exposure to cold air, especially if your home is not sufficiently heated.

5.  Keep Clean

Along with hand washing, it is imperative that you disinfect keyboards, phones, cooking areas, and bathrooms to avoid the spread of germs.

It is also important to keep your clothes and bed sheets clean, and regularly washed, especially if you have recently had symptoms of coronavirus or other ailments in your household.

Change face clothes, hand and dish towels regularly and negate the handkerchief where possible, using a tissue to catch it, kill it, and bin it should you sneeze, cough or blow your nose. If unable to use facial tissues, sneeze into your elbow and remove your top as soon as possible, washing it one a high temperature to kill the germs.

6.  Don’t Panic Buy

Whilst apocalyptic stories might recommend the hoarding of canned goods, in reality, the practice of panic buying is highly negative.

In all likelihood any hordes of food will expire before being consumed and eating nothing but preserved foods, high in sugar and other artificial flavors is not the best cause of action for our health. 

Not only this, but by panic buying you are very likely depriving other people from having much-needed supplies as well – and remember – these could be your neighbors, grandparents, doctors, firefighters and paramedics, and all the people working around the clock to help us through this crisis. 

7.  Remember to Eat Fresh

Buying non-perishables might seem like a good idea, and whilst we all like the occasional bowl of rice pudding at the best of times, preserved foods do not make for the best diet.

In order to maintain one’s health, it is very important to remember to eat fresh food and vegetables in order to get the proper nutrition. We partnered with Pale Green Dot who offer a great value fresh green box straight to your door, For more information please click on the following link Veg Box – Fresh Veg and Fruit . Also don’t forget drinking plenty of water.

8.  Keep in touch

Isolation and loneliness can have a serious impact on our mental health. It has been proven that loneliness can even affect our health and whilst it is necessary for the population to squirrel themselves away at present, it doesn’t mean that we have to shut down on all our social interactions.

Keeping touch with friends, family, and people of similar interests via telephone, letters and online is the best way to be social at present, and should be a daily practice.

Calling elderly relatives who aren’t at liberty to get out and about to do their weekly shop, or accept visitors to their homes, can make a massive impact on their lives, especially if they live alone. Do yourselves and others a favor, and pick up the phone.

9.  Be Money Conscious

Through these troubling times, money might very well be on your mind as businesses struggle and self-quarantine means nonessential employees are out of work. However, whilst the British government is offering grants and bailouts, it is still important to be money savvy at present.

Whilst luxuries such as going out are currently off the table, it is also important to shop smart and pay for the important things first, rather than splurging on entertainment and home deliveries.

10.  Smile

Whilst the coronavirus and its effects are a daunting prospect, it is important to maintain one’s mental health in this time of uncertainty and confinement. One of the easiest ways of doing this is smiling, laughing and counting the blessings of life. 

All of us at Cashpanda.co.uk are urging you to stay safe and healthy. Take good care of your loved ones.

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