Saving money can sometimes be the last thing on someone’s mind but it is a very important life style that could be very helpful to many people on the long run, sometimes it is difficult to cut off things that are needed on day to day basis so here are some ways you can save money monthly: 

1. Cash Loans 

It is very important to try and avoid cash loans as much as possible, to avoid taking loans and extra credit cards as the interest rate and the payment can potentially take up your entire income. The first step to saving money is reducing debt as much as possible which includes paying bills on time in order for interest rate to not increase and reducing the amount of debt that you have.

2. Expense 

Keep a track of the expenses you make in a month, keep the receipts of every purchase made so by the end of the month you have an idea of where all the money has gone and what are the things that you can possibly reduce or remove from your usual spending. It’s important to keep track of expense in order to not finish all your money at once.

3. Purchase Decisions

Think wisely before purchasing anything, especially if it is a major purchase try sleeping over it and wake up the next day to decide wether you still need it. It is important to think twice.

4. Save 

There should be an amount that you put aside monthly which go to your savings account. This saving can be very useful in times of emergency.

5. Quit The Gym

There is always the option of taking a walk across your local park rather than a big facility gym which is far away from your home.

6. Coffee/Tea

Two of of everyone’s favorite morning drink, the same drink that is purchased for a high price outside can be made in your kitchen for a cheaper price

7. Budget 

Create a budget for yourself on a monthly basis and do not cross it. 

8. Car

Buy a car which has less gas consumption it will be very helpful to pay less on gas if you commute to a far off place on a daily basis

9. Avoid Spending A lot On Entertainment 

Don’t go to the cinema every weekend, try to make pop corn at home and watch a movie online.

10. Sublet Extra Space

If you have a spare room in your home which is not being used by anyone the best option is to sublet it, you will make money out of it and will be able to save some extra money on rent.

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