A short term loan to overcome an unexpected problem

How often does it seem, that just as you are managing to make ends meet a problem arises unexpectedly that requires an urgent payment? An instant short term loan might be the solution.

Your car might need a repair, or perhaps the radiators have stopped working. Situations such as these often cannot wait. As, if neglected, the situation can become far worse.

Short term loans are designed for people in need of an instant loan to see them through until they get paid.


All of our selected lenders require is an agreement from you. You must agree to repay the money that you borrowed on your agreed repayment date.

To make this process even simpler and worry free for our customers, your selected lender will be able to take the payment from the customer’s bank account automatically on the agreed repayment date.

We are  a reputable broker. We advise all customers to carefully consider the total cost of repaying the money you seek to borrow.


This covers the key issues of:

  • The amount borrowed
  • The length of the borrowing
  • The rate of interest the loan carries and the loan fees

When you will be forwarded to your selected lender they will provide all of this information and before you agree to the loan they will tell you the total amount you will have to pay back.

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