While Christmas is a jolly and festive time of year, it is also an expensive one! Buying gifts for all of your family and friends can start to add up. Plus, since Christmas is before payday, you may find yourself running out of cash to make the day as special as you would like. 

So, how can you make this Christmas the best holiday yet without any cash advances? Well follow our tips and tricks here at CashPanda.co.uk to find out.

Tip#1 Start Buying Early

Running around choosing any gift on Christmas Eve will cost a fortune. You will end up buying presents that you don’t want to! The best way to get the best presents and save some money is to start buying early. This way you have time to think about what to buy and don’t make an expensive mistake that costs you; literally!

Tip#2 Raid the Sales

Leading up to Christmas there are plenty of sales on. So, take advantage of them! There are going to be some fantastic bargains up for grabs. This means you can buy a great gift for less and have plenty of presents under the tree without breaking the bank.

Tip#3 Shop Around

It is easy to rush into buying a gift without checking if you can get it cheaper somewhere else. Around Christmas, all of the big stores are in competition with each other. This means there is the opportunity to get similar presents cheaper. So, take your time and shop around to see if you can get the same present for less at another store.

Tip#4 Have a Budget

Before you head to the shops, always have a budget. It is so easy to get carried away when you are in the festive spirit. But this ends in you spending more money that you should do! If you want to still have money left over at the end of the festive season, set yourself a limit now. You will thank yourself when the new year comes around!

Tip#5 Use Coupons

A lot of stores offer coupons when you are shopping instore and online. So, before you buy anything, check if there is a coupon you can use. This will mean you can enjoy money off your order and you will be surprised what you can save. Around Christmas, every pound helps!

Tip#6 Sell Old Stuff

If it has been lying in the drawer for months then it is time to get rid of it! Coming up to Christmas, you can do with all the money you can get. So, why not try selling some things you don’t use anymore? In particular, old electronics and branded clothing can be sold online and make you a profit. This can be a fantastic way to earn some extra money for the festive period.

Tip#7 Use Loyalty Points

Do you have a loyalty cards for stores that you shop at? Well, around Christmas time is the best time to use them. You will be surprised just how many points you can gather throughout the year without realising. You can use it toward gift cards and discounts on your order. Plus, some stores offer better deals during the festive season, so keep an eye out!

Tip#8 Homemade Christmas Gifts

Christmas is about spending time with your family and showing people that you care. This means that big and expensive presents are not always necessary. So, if you find that you don’t have the cash to spend this year, don’t worry. You can still show people that you care by making a homemade gift.

You can bake someone’s favourite dessert, make Christmas cards and even personalise presents with photographs. There are lots of ideas you can use to still make this Christmas special for your loved ones. After all, it is all about creating memories and it is the thought that counts.

Tip#9 Forget the Big Shop

Everyone loves Christmas dinner, but this can leave your wallet or purse pretty empty. From the big turkey to all the trimmings, the dinner really does cost a fortune. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! With some small adjustments, you can save money and still have a fantastic dinner for everyone to tuck into.

For example, stock up on frozen foods before Christmas, such as any desserts you want to have. In addition, chicken is a lot cheaper to have than turkey and most people don’t really notice the difference.

In addition, shopping around is important and some of the smaller stores will offer you delicious food but for half the price.

Cashpanda.co.uk wishes you and all your family a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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