Thanksgiving – A day to thank the nearest and the dearest! your trusted partner for short term and payday loans wants to to wish all who celebrate a Happy Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving is finally here, and it is time to have an extraordinary feast with your friends and family. 

Thanksgiving is celebrated in the USA on the fourth Thursday of November every year and express gratitude to the family.

Traditionally the day was marked by having a feast and thanking Gods for providing food in the form of crops which was challenging task to grow in those times.

The day is celebrated by having a family feast and having a roasted stuffed turkey. Many dinners end up in reconciliations of existing disputes.  The day is an opportunity to reflect on the positive things in their life for many people and to spend some quality time with their families.

Why is it celebrated?

Thanksgiving started by a group Europeans who travelled to America to start a new life in the country and group was known as Pilgrims.

In 1621 the pilgrim forefathers invited the locally living Americans to join them for a big feast to thank God for their first successful harvest.

How is the Day celebrated?

The day is celebrated by having a big feast with family by eating a massive roasted stuffed turkey.

Eating turkey has become a tradition because it is believed that Pilgrims ate turkey during their first Thanksgiving feast. During the day families visit famous Thanksgiving parades and watch football matches on TV as its about being together.

Although Thanksgiving is not an official holiday in the UK many celebrate it by eating a stuffed turkey on that day.


Reasons to Celebrate

Thanksgiving is a day to spend time with the nearest and the dearest. No greeting cards, no gifts, and no shopping but just spending the time to thank the family for being there during both good and bad times.

The day brings out the earnest in the sincerest people. We don’t generally list the people we are grateful to but Thanksgiving day gives us an opportunity to thank those people helped us in difficult times, and it is a beautiful feeling. wishes all of you on this Thanksgiving peace, hope, abundance, and happiness.

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