10 Great back to school money-saving tips

Getting the kids back to school can be a stressful as well as very expensive journey. Here are Cashpanda’s Top 10 money-saving tips for getting your kids back to school, and keeping more of your hard earned cash in your pocket.

1. Home Inventory.

Even before starting the stressful shopping for your loved ones, have a look around your house and see what you have.

Everyone will have some t-shirts and sports bottoms that can be used as gym kit. Pens, pencils and rubbers are always “hiding” around the house. Every little is a saving!

2. Pre-loved kits can be as good as new!

Just a quick wash and most items are as good as new. Kids grow up so fast, thus there is always an inventory and other parents selling and even giving away good quality kits that don’t fit anymore.

Contact your school secretary she will know,get you in touch  and will help you out. As most schools have a Pre-loved uniform sales. 

3. Make a list and stick with it!

Write all essential things your child needs for school. Make sure to put only the important things and always remember to stick to it.

If you will be missing something you can always get it later, and it’s better to buy later than just buying and spending extra.

4. Go shopping without your Child!

Once you have your list, stick with it! There will be plenty of extras tempting you to jump into your shopping cart, be disciplined and stick with your list.

With your child shopping with you will make the task of sticking to your list mission impossible.

5. Bargain Hunting.

Many retailers have a special back to school sales, take advantage of these. Always at the end of the summer holiday the big high street retailers and supermarkets will have deals for uniforms and other school accessories. 

6. Sizing Up!

In the sales, always buy the next size up, as your child is growing fast, make sure you got the right sizes for the right bargain prices.

Always stock up throughout the year when you see sales and bargains.

7. Look in Charity shops.

There will always be a bargain or two at the charity shop close to your home and school. You can find many of the things you need as well and uniforms at a fraction of the price.

8. Complete your list after school starts!

What for the school rush to finish, as all parents are in your situation. Once School started wait a few weeks and retailers will be left with inventory which they will be selling at heavy discounts.

9. Customize your supplies rather than buying the brands.

Plain supplies are always much cheaper than the branded kits. Get your kids creativity going and customize their own kits with their stickers, badges and colourful drawings.

Use stickers to decorate everything from your notepads to your lunch box. Your child will be so proud to show their creation to their friends.

10. Buy online and compare prices.

Most things are cheaper to buy online, than in the high street. Make sure while you are on the high street and you like something; take a note or a photo. When you get home have a look online and you might find it much cheaper.


Thank you for reading and we wish to you and all your children a happy and successful school year from all of us at Cashpanda.co.uk.

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