Keep Halloween Happy; Don’t Be Scared By Money

Halloween comes at the end of October. It is a time for spooky scares, not money cares. So what simple advice can be given to ensure you can enjoy the treats and not be bothered by cash tricks?

Here are four ideas that can share with you to help save money at Halloween and yet still have a good time without a November cash hangover.

The protocol to follow is only call upon a house that has a Pumpkin Jack O’ Lantern or other visible sign that says Halloween callers are welcome. There is no point in having your evening spoilt by a grumpy reception.

Idea 1: What to Wear?

It can be hard to say no to a child’s wishes, but they will have just as good a time in a homemade outfit as against going online to buy a costume that will only be worn once. One can easily use red ink and a bandage to look badly wounded or an Egyptian Mummy. In fact, designing and making the costume can be turned into a game whilst saving money at the same time.

Idea 2: Back at Home

With younger children one may go out and about early and then stage a small party at home, or maybe, you just want Halloween to come to you. Again, a good money saving tip is to look through old odds and ends of wrapping paper, garden string. All can be turned into spiders and their webs or a Wicked Witch’s hat and hair.

Idea 3: Make a meal of Halloween

Time to make worms from Spaghetti or eyeballs from hard boiled eggs. There really is no end to how all the remaining pieces of packet and tinned food can be utilised for this family event. Maybe it’s a time to make the kids eat their green vegetables!

Idea 4: When Trick or Treaters Call

Please do not go overboard with the purchase of excessive amounts of seasonal sweeties. Regular chocolate will be just as welcome. After-all, many Halloween callers are just pleased to receive a welcome and some goodies. It is not an occasion to make a big impression as it will be dusk if not dark.

However, do not mistake money saving sense with misery meanness. That will only invite a trick or two that may carry on long into November.

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CashPanda wants to wish you all a Happy Spooky Halloween ! 

Written by Stephen Pope