6 Great Supermarket Money Saving Tips

Everyone is spending far too much money for their grocery shopping. Still there are some very easy effective ways to reduce your bills.  Here are CashPanda.co.uk top ideas to help you save money and eliminate the need for any payday loan to tie you over until payday. 

Below are six simple tips so you easy do to help increase your money supermarket saving so you wont need a wage day advance.

Here are CashPanda’s Great Six Supermarket Money Saving Tips: 
1. Never do your grocery shopping when you are hungry.

When you are hungry you are much more likely to buy more then you need and over spend. Everything looks tasty when you are hungry…  If you already in the shop and you are hungry just get a small pack of biscuits and eat them before you continue your shopping. CashPanda Loans usually just eat leafs and bamboos thus we recommend a cracker or a granola bar.  Otherwise you will end up over spending which will cost you more then you intended.

2. Make a Shopping list! 

Going grocery shopping without a list is like a kid in a sweet shop, you will again overbuy things that you don’t really need. It is a fact that people without shopping lists buy 50% more than their budget then the ones with shopping lists. They spend much more money than intended and if you are tight on your cash you will need a loan eventually.
Having a shopping list will save you money as well as time, as you won’t forget to buy items which will afterwards will be much more expensive at your local convenience shop.

3. Try to avoid branded names and products.

The bands spend millions of pounds on advertising to make you buy their products. Nowadays supermarkets offer their own brands and these almost identical products most of the time are the same quality at a much cheaper price. You will be shocked how much you will save on your shopping cost.

4. Is a Sale really a Bargain Sale?

Always look at the sale price and make sure it’s a real sale. Some are good deals but some are not really as they just try to attract your attention to the product. When you see a sale, ask yourself the questions, do I really need it? Is it a good deal? Should it be on my shopping list?

Don’t be tempted by marketing tricks.

5. Special Coupons and Discount Vouchers

Discount Vouchers and discount coupons will save you hundreds of pounds even thousands in the long term. But there is no need to buy things just because you have a discount coupon but if it is an item you need it will save you hard earned money. Always collect your discount vouchers and clip out interesting discount coupons you find in the papers.

6. Plan Your Meals

If you plan your meals such as I will have Fish, Meat, Pasta, Rice, vegetables and fruits. You will know what to put on your grocery lists. Again you will be saving plenty just by being a little bit more organised. Please check allrecipes.com for great ideas for your meal planing.

Lastly a good idea is once in a while to look in your cupboards, freezer and fridge and see what items you have there. I am sure there is plenty! A very interesting plan will be to try and make a meal out of these forgotten products. Use cookbooks as well as look online to find interesting ideas. This will insure the ingredients don’t go to waste and will clear out some space.

In conclusion

Grocery shopping and money supermarket saving must be a top priority in how you manage your money and household budget. It can help boost the savings on your wages. It will leave you and your loved ones more free cash and disposable income and reduce your chance of needing a payday short term loan or a wage day advance.

If you still need a loan, for a free quote with no obligation please fill in our very simple form at Cashpanda.co.uk.

For more money savings ideas and advice please click on the following link to the Money Advice Service.

We really hope you follow at least a few of the above Supermarket money saving tips. We at Cashpanda.co.uk guarantees you will be saving loads of your hard earned cash.

If you have any more suggestions and ideas of more money supermarket saving ideas please put them in the comments so other readers can see and perhaps save even more