10 Budget Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

When important annual events are just around the corner, like Mother’s Day, retailers like to get in the act. They offer a variety of gifts at prices that suit all pockets. If you are on a tight budget, here are some great gift ideas. Your mother will appreciate your choice and know that you really care.

1. Mum cushion

Every mother has a favourite spot on the sofa. Add to that by buying a cute cushion. They are on offer at Asda for a little over 5 pounds. Just for easy identification the seller calls it Mum cushion.


2. Chocolate pizza

 If you think you would like you Mum to appreciate chocolate. That’s easy, buy her chocolate pizza. You have several sizes to choose from. You can get delivery to her home at any time you choose. The smallest is £3.35 plus the cost of delivery, while the full-size costs £11.75.

3. Sweet treats

Sweet treats for a Mother’s Day hamper. If you have £27 to spend, how about going to Hamper.com? Order a sweet tooth hamper of goodies for your mum. You have still enough time to order. The hamper contains yummy sweet treats such as chocolate truffles, shortbread, flapjacks, honeycomb & raspberry jam. It comes in a delightful gift bag!

4. Cheap slippers

Spring is here but that doesn’t mean your Mum wouldn’t appreciate a new pair of slippers. Debenhams has some durable, cute and super cheap ones for just £8.50. Your mum will certainly appreciate and enjoy.


5. Face masks

All mums love face masks and there are some brilliant ones on sale. They will add a smile to your Mum’s face. They come in a gift basket for under £10 with masks for the face, hair and feet. On top of that are bath bombs and a shower puff.


6. Photo on a mug

Mums love photo mugs so just grab one of the best photos of your mum and get a print put onto a mug. She’ll have a good laugh every time she pours her favourite cuppa. Tesco is offering this same day service so it’s not too late to pick up one today for £10.

7. Make-up

Most mothers have a makeup bag that’s overflowing. Now is the time to buy your mum a new one. It will give her the chance to organise those goodies she uses on a daily basis. It will only cost you a fiver. If you have a spare pound or two add a few of her favourite make up items.


8. Pretty little things

The Ted Baker gift set is available again as a Mother’s Day present. It’s a Pretty Little Things set. It is quite a bargain. It includes body lotion, body wash and body spray. All come with a flowery and fruity fragrance. It’s a steal at just £5.10.


9. Bake a cake

If you have a few spare minutes on your hands and you don’t mind a little cooking how about baking a Mother’s Day cake? The ingredients cost less than £5. It will really show you care by putting in that extra time to make something special for your Mum. You can choose her favourite flavour like vanilla, coffee, orange and chocolate. Add some decorations and even use some icing to write Happy Mother’s Day. The ingredients are as follows; 175g of margarine, 175g of sieved self-raising flour, 175g of caster sugar, strawberry jam or other ingredients for the filling, 3 beaten medium size eggs, 100g of icing sugar,1-2 tablespoons of hot water and your chosen food colour.

10. Rose wine and dark chocolate

Go a bit more upmarket for your mum and buy a luxury hamper for £33. Same day delivery so you still have a day or 2 on hand to put your order in. It contains an upmarket bottle of Pinot Grigio Rose wine, dark chocolate honeycomb and raspberry bites. All of these are hand-packed and put in a posh upmarket gift box with a pretty bow for decoration. Whether your mum is in her 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s or even older this elegant hamper is perfect.

To buy your mum a gift to show your appreciation of her, you may need to save some cash or at least borrow some moneyso that she can celebrate Mother’s Day properly.

We at CashPanda.co.uk are sure it is possible for you to save money on Mother’s Day and all the expectations that come with it. You do not have to spend a fortune to tell your mom you love her, you can save money and still spoil her.

If you’re determined to save money, you will, and you may not need quick cash after all.

CashPanda.co.uk  wishes you and your loved one a great Mother’s Day!

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